El Chronicle
New Player Guide

Game Description

El Chronicle is a great game for mobile phones. It allows you collect and build up heroes, battle enemies, complete quests, earn loot, and conquer in PVP. The graphics are great, the sound is great (each hero has their own unique theme song), and the gameplay is great.

There are in app purchase options, which are really expensive ($10 for a costume, $30 for more gold or crystals), but none of it is required to still progress quickly through the game and feel satisfied playing it.

Within 1 to 2 months as a free player you can begin doing late game objectives. You can have all heroes acquired, gear up your team, awaken them and complete all scenarios in this time. The late game content allows players to level up to 70 (which is really hard to reach), and keep looking for better equipment, and try to kill harder raid bosses.

There is a PVP system which allows players to attack other players in an automated way. You can’t control your heros during PVP. This system lets you try out different strategies and hero combinations to attempt to rank higher on the ladder. Highest ranked players will get more rewards than lower ranked players.

At first you are allowed to use 3 heroes in your squad which is your group. As the game progresses you can have 5 in your squad.

Your heroes have multiple stats. This includes, level, stars, upgrade value, hp/def/atk power, and all this adds up to total combat power. Your combat power helps you guess if you can complete a battle or not. Gain exp (by finishing battles alive or drinking exp potions) to gain levels. Use hero pieces to upgrade your hero. Use ingredients to give your hero more stars. Each new star level gives the hero a new skill or tier or something. See heroes guide for more info.

Equipment can be obtained from battles, raids, and the shop. It will significantly boost your heroes combat power. Equipment can be crafted and upgraded. T4 equipment can be brought up to T5 and T6. But T1, T2, and T3 items cannot tier up. So if you find a T4 item early in the game, you can safely upgrade it because you may use it the whole game. Learn more about equipment here.


The game starts you out by going on adventures. You are given a battle in which you must complete. You get to pick who is in your squad. Upon winning the battle you are given exp for your party and your surviving heroes and rewards for completing it. Progress through the game by completing the adventures.

Story adventures can only be completed once. But there’s a little portal statue thing that you can visit called stages, and those battles you can do repeatedly. From the battle menu you can go right or left to choose older battles or newer ones and you can see what rewards there are for completing. This is a great way to farm for items you need or get a hero more exp.

If you complete a stage level with the 3 objectives of keep everyone alive and finish in 1:30 you get a bonus SS reward of some crystals. So it’s a good idea to go back and make sure all stages are SS cleared.

By the way ratings in the game go from D, C, B, A, S, and SS. Where SS is the highest rating. This applies to equipment and stage clearing.

You get 5 heroes near the beginning of the game to play with free. Dean, Gwen, JaeleWoon, Clair, and Maeho. These are great heroes to use the whole game if you want. Each hero is good, but with these you get a little added hero pieces to help you upgrade.

There are dozens more heroes. To get them visit the Inn > Heroes Lounge. As you progress through the game more heroes will show up in the Connect menu here. Find one you like and click connect. You now have to earn their favor for them to permanently join you. You earn their favor by greeting them, giving them gold, giving them ingredients, giving them food, or just giving them crystals. The most expensive heroes are 900 favor which can be earned in 4 days completely free by doing the free greet 10x a day. Oh yes, all of the allowances reset each night allowing you to do the methods again the next day. Learn more about heroes here.

A solid party consists of a tank, damage dealer, and healer. Each hero has its qualities so find one that suits you and you’re excited about and use it. They are all good. But if you can score a hero specific weapon for one, that hero will be significantly stronger than the others because the hero specific weapon gives another 2,000 combat power.

There are a lot of free things to get each day so make sure to pay attention to your daily objectives.

Join the highest level guild you can. The higher the level the more gold they earn a day which is free gold for you. Help the guild out by participating in raids. Whenever your party level goes up 5 levels consider quitting your guild and finding a higher level guild.

Strategies/General Tips

You’re going to need a lot of ingredients for evolving heroes. Stock up on them, farm them, grab them anywhere you can. The vine and tearbloom can be farmed from most lower level stages whenever you want. As you progress to higher stages you can find more places to farm ingredients but they will have limited repeatable runs.

Run through the adventures to further yourself in the game. As you adventure further you will unlock new heroes in the inn, collect more supplies for upgrades, and level up. New content will be unlocked as you progress through the adventures too. Such as raiding, pvp, and missions.

As you progress you will unlock Raids, Challenges, and Compete. You get a limited amount of raid tickets each day so use them up, you get great loot there which can equip your heroes and gives you raid points. PVP doesn’t use any energy and can earn you honor which you need. So all these extra things are worth doing when your heroes are big enough.

When your hero gets to around 18-20k combat power, have them do their side story. It’s fun and gives good rewards.

Eventually you get Lulu to give you additional loot. Basically every 3 stage battles she will give you an extra bonus drop. Once she is there for 30 stage battles you have to reselect which perk you want. I suggest using the Megaphone Support your entire gameplay. You may be tempted to use the clapper for trait tokens, but once you get to higher levels you can farm them fairly easily.

The first time you do a level you will have to go through it manually. Then you will be able to full auto it once you complete it. If you complete it with an SS score, you can then auto it on repeat without any interaction. You can cancel your auto repeat by hitting the little door icon and you’ll get back the energy it says next to the door icon.

If you are having trouble passing a certain battle, go and improve your heroes. Upgrade their armor, give them better armor, level up their skills, upgrade them, evolve them, or give them more traits. Then try the battle again once you’re upgraded.

“Help I still can’t beat a certain level!” Ya just keep raising your combat power. Farm more items, upgrade and level up your heroes and try again. It might take you a few days to improve your heroes to pass a mission, or even a few weeks. That’s ok that’s part of the fun, feeling like it got hard but you got past it. Everything can be solved by just improving your heroes combat power.

Once you start a mission you are charged energy. But if you fail a mission you can retry it over and over without any extra energy cost.

If you aren’t doing auto, in a battle you can double tap an area of the map to make your whole squad go there except the hero you control. This is good for controlling the positioning of your squad.

If you aren’t doing auto in battle, you can click on an emey which highlights them in red, and the whole team will focus attacks on that enemy. This is very helpful for getting rid of adds quickly to focus on the boss. When a team concentrates their focus on one enemy at a time it makes the battle easier to manage and fast.


Gold comes and goes fast. In just a few weeks of playing you’ll be able to make a million gold in a day. When you run out of gold it sucks, but if you can just wait until tomorrow, chances are you’ll have enough for whatever you wanted. Do the Daily Objectives and you’ll be good. Watch this video to see how it adds up quick. Strangely enough you don’t buy anything with gold. It’s used when upgrading heroes, evolving them, awakening them, upgrading equipment, crafting equipment, hiring mercenaries in raids, and gaining favor with new heroes in the inn.

Energy runs out quick. You get 1 more every 5 minutes. There is a daily quest which gives you an extra 240 energy so make sure to grab that and use it all up every day on your daily objectives.

Honor is used to buy things in the honor shop. You can get honor from the following places:

Raid points are earned when completing raids. Raids also can grant guild points and subjugation scores. These are used to help your guild buy things and you can buy things to help you defeat world bosses.

Champion points are earned when ranking really high in either of the Compete areas.

Thread only acquired through in game purchases.

Mileage perhaps only through in game purchases.


There are 4 shops summon, wandering, honor, champion, raid, costume, and mileage.

The summon shop gives you a free chance to get a good item for one of the heroes selected each day. Make sure to take this free pull daily and choose heroes you really want new equipment for. Some players recommend saving your crystals to buy the 10x summon card pulls. (Note a summoning ticket is worth 250 crystals and can be combined with crystals to do a 10x summon.) A few of these can really help gear up your squad as it gives you T3-T6 equipment and runes. I too recommend saving your crystals for these 10x pulls as they can quickly equip your heroes. But this is expensive so make sure to know what you want in your squad before doing this or else you might end up with equipment for a hero you end up not liking. So I recommend waiting until you get a few heroes to 6 stars before doing the 10x pulls on crystals. At this point you will have probably decided on which squad you like the most and need help getting passed some stuff.

The wandering shop lets you buy ingredients with crystals.

The honor shop lets you buy ingredients with honor points. It’s recommended to use honor to buy ingredients for upgrades and crafting. Missing hero pieces, ingredients for alechemy, ingredients for evolving heroes. Or it’s not a bad idea to buy more energy or raid tickets or even gold here too. It’s just not advised to spend honor on items you can farm.

The champion shop lets you cash in your champion points for random equipment T4-T6. Champion points are awarded to the top 12% of PVP ranked players in the highest tier.

The raid shop lets you purchase ingredients used to craft equipment or cook food. When crafting equipment it may cost 100k in raid points to buy all the items. A lot of items used in crafting can only be purchased in the raid shop.

The costume shop lets you buy new outfits for your characters. Keep in mind your character gets a new outfit at 5 stars and again at Awakening 1. Thread for costumes can only be purchased for real money.

Mileage shop let’s you buy treasures. These are items your heroes can wear. I think mileage can only be purchased with real money. But treasures can be found in the summon shop and in certain raids.


You can add friends from Community > Friends.

You can have 25 friends. You can automatelly be suggested friends here too.

When fighting raids you can hire mercs. If you see a little heart next to the hired merc that means they are a friend. If you use them they get 1 energy point.

So the more friends you have the more likely one of them will use your merc in a raid and you may get 1 energy point.

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