El Chronicle
Equipment Tips and Strategies

Random tips, ideas, and strategies about the equipment in El Chronicle.

Equipment as obtained from rewards in battle, raiding, doing challenges, completing requests, crafting, and the shop.

A hero has 6 equipment slots: helmet, breastplate, shield/boots, hero specific weapon, normal weapon, normal accessory, treasure accessory, and hero specific treasure accessory.

Teasure accessories are obtainable when you get to raid hunter level 18.

Additionally a hero can wear runes. There are also hero specific runes that can only be used by a specific hero.


There are 7 tiers of equipment. T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, and T7.

TierColorQualityMax Lvl

The higher the tier the higher quality the item is. It will have higher stats, higher maximum level to upgrade it to, more stats to unlock as you upgrade etc.


Equipment (weapons, armor, accessories, runes) all have a grade which may be D, C, B, A, S, or SS, where SS is the highest grade, and D is the lowest. That is if you have 2 of the exact same item one having SS grade and 1 having F grade, the SS grade item will have more stats than the other.

Equipment will randomly be given a grade upon acquiring it. It’s random. Doesn’t matter on level or anything else when crafting it.

It’s possible to increase the grade but it’s very expensive. To increase the grade you need to Transcend the item 3 times.

Natural T6

T4 can be upgraded to T5, T6, and T7. But there are also natural occurring T6 armor. Here are the slots you can get a natural T6 for.

The other slots, such as regular weapon, accessory, and treasures do not have any natural T6 at this time. Which means if you get a good T4 for those slots you are safe to upgrade them up to the max.

Leveling Gear Up/Upgrading It

You can level your equipment up by going to the workshop. You will need items to level up your equipment. The items required are: other equipment you aren’t going to use and upgrade stones. You get upgrade stones from higher level encounters.

The max level, and exp required to get an item to max:

First, I don’t have any T5 or T7 gear. Second, you can only reach these after upping the tier of T4 or T6 item to the next tier. And in order to do that you need to first max the level of the item. So really the amount of exp to max it will just be the difference between 40-45 or 50-70. I’m not sure how to calculate that.

Equipment can be upgraded in the Workshop. When an item is upgrade to level 11 it will gain a bonus stat. When an item is upgraded to level 21 it will gain another bonus stat, and some items will have an extra stat at level 26. T1 items cannot gain a bonus stat. A bonus stat is whole new effect the item provides such as HP or +DEF. Because of these bonus stats it’s good to try to upgrade equipment to level 11 or 21 to get these bonus stats.

You upgrade armor by using other armor you aren’t using or an upgrade stone. There are 3 types of upgrade stones: low, medium and high. Upgrade stones can be created through alchemy, or acquired through adventuring in the game. So with old equipment that you won’t use, especially T1 equipment, you can use it to upgrade the good equipment you have. This is preferred since the only other option is to sell it and it’s fairly easy to acquire gold in the game.

General Tips

T4 equipment can hold you over well into the late game. It’s very hard and you have to be very lucky to get T6 items. So if you acquire a T4 item, you can safely invest in upgrading it even if you are a lower level.

T1-T3 cannot be Tiered up. But a T4 item can be increased to T5, T6 and T7. So again, if you find a good T4 item, upgrade it without worry.

Check your bags in the consumables section. You sometimes get chests that contains equipment and you have to open them there. There’s no difference in opening these chests when you’re low level or high, so open em when you get em.

When a piece of equipment is flashing it means it’s got bonus stats for that specific hero.

Farming / Gearing up

Raids are a great way to get some decent gear. You can get T4 stuff to drop in there and you can even see which raids drop what before doing the raid.

It’s also a good idea to save up crystal and go to the summon shop to summon 10x cards. This summon can pull T3, T4, and T6 equipment and runes. This is a great way to gear up a hero.

You can also save up your honor and buy a T4 summon chest in the honor shop. This will contain a random T4 item. You can also buy ancient rune chests which will summon a random rune specific for a hero. Since the summon card pulls also grant this, it’s probably best to save your honor for upgrade materials.

Or with some Alchemy, and some raiding to get raid points for the shop, and adventuring to get ingredients, you can craft some equipment.


Equipment can be crafted in the workshop. Armor, weapons, and accessories are fairly common to acquire while adventuring. But what isn’t so common is to see hero specific weapons drop. So it’s a good idea to craft these.

It’s safe to craft items at any point in the game as your level has no affect on the quality of equipment you craft.

Crafting a hero specific weapon is a great way to increase the hero’s power another 2,000 points pretty quick. Hero’s have 2 weapons, a general weapon and a hero specific weapon. When looking at the hero’s equipment, the slot in the bottom left corner is exclusive for hero specific weapons.

To craft a hero specific weapon you will need 100 hero pieces, 5x Essence, and 4 monster ingredients. The essence can be created through alchemy, and the monster ingredients are all sold in the raid shop and will cost you around 100k raid points to buy it all. The raid shop is the only place you can acquire these monster ingredients so saving you raid points for crafting is a good strategy.

It’s also a good strategy to craft a hero specific weapon early in the game as it’ll help you get through a large part of the game and carry you well into the late game. Heroes with their own weapon perform significantly better than those without it.


If at some point you get a duplicate weapon or piece of armor or even rune you can choose to transcend it. By combining the two items together your item may get a bonus stat if transcended. If it fails your item will gain mileage which will allow you to transcend it after a certain mileage has been gained.


See Rune guide.