El Chronicle
Alchemy Guide and Tips

Official Alchemy Game Guide: https://global.elchronicle.io/archives/2229

By navigating to Inn > Alchemy&Cooking you can begin your Alchemy career.

You have the option to make 4 things: gold, crystals, essence, and upgrade stones.

Gold I think is easy to obtain. Some players like farming crystals through alchemy. But I think lower players will need essence to craft equipment, and it’s a good place to start. Later on it’s also good to create upgrade stones.

To create something you do the following:

Now when you pick a hero to help create the alchemy item, that hero will be tied up creating that for 24 hours. Which only means they can’t create any other Alchemy item. You can still use that hero anywhere else.

The number of items created for each alchemy recipe depends on the hero's stars. Here is the breakdown:

For simplicity sake, let’s say you want to create upgrade stones which says you can create 1-10 of them. If you put 4 heroes that are 6* each on that recipe, that will be 4 x 25% = 100%, which will yield all 10/10 stones.

Depending on how many heroes you put into a recipe and how many stars they have will change the yield of how many items you get out of that recipe. The rough breakdown for essences is like this:

Now personally, since it cost some raid points and 3 energy to create something and it takes a whole day to finish, I aim to get to 60% for each of my crafting. Which is 3x 4* heroes and 1x 3* hero (16% + 16% + 16% + 12% = 60%). This gives me 5 essence or 6 stones which is a hefty little reward. And I think getting a hero to 4 stars isn’t that painful. After a few weeks of gameplay it should be easy to get them up pretty quick. If you need more hero pieces to upgrade them do their special hero achievements.

The more you do alchemy the more slots you can open to create more things at once.

The more heroes you have the more stuff you can create in alchemy at once.