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Hero Comparisons

I don’t know about you but I sometimes like seeing things side by side to see how they compare before making a decision on who to use. Here’s some notes I took when comparing heroes.

Healer Comparison

A comparison of the healing spells/skills/traits for heroes.

Assuming level 60 heroes with max skills.

Hero Heal #1 Heal #2 Heal #3 Skill Heal Trait #1 Heal Trait #2 Weapon
AoE 8.9% x 4 (35.6%) AoE 37.6% Heal Amt +20.7% Dmgd Ally 15% Atkd Ally 10% Dmgd Ally 10%
AoE 10.9% - 40% AoE 12.53% Ally 10.9% Heal Amt +20.7% Dmgd Ally 20% AoE 15% 2 Dmgd Allies 10%
AoE 29.7% Heal Amnt +6.9%
Ally 13.9% AoE 5.95% x 3 (17.85%) Dmgd Ally 20% AoE 15%
Ally 21.8% Dmgd Ally 10%
Ally 21.8% AoE 15%

Note that many of these heroes have additional defensive skills such as stunning the enemy, increase ally defense, and creating a barrier on an ally. These all will help prolong a heroes life.

Lee is the best healer in the game because they are consistent, big, and AoE meaning they’ll heal everyone who’s nearby and not just one person.

For Dice, his 3rd spell is a targetted heal. When he does that he adds 1-6 stacks on him up to 30 stacks. Depending on how many stacks he has on him is how big his first heal is. So it’s sometimes small, sometimes big.

Having a strong healer is vital to keep your party alive. Usually the main tank can take a lot of attacks without the need of too much healing. A healer is needed when the main tank is taking on too much at once like 3 or 4 enemies, and when the rest of the team accidentally gets hit so they can recover quickly. You can swap out a strong healer with two defensive support people and a tank that can heal themselves.

Defensive Tank Comparison

Let’s look at each defensive tank at level 60, +8 upgrade, without equipment on.

Hero CP HP Attack Phys DEF Mag DEF Self Heal?
17,752 16,324 2,508 P 2,797 2,797
17,590 17,084 2,382 P 2,884 3,056 Trait: Low HP Ally 20%
17,684 20,849 2,173 M 2,813 2,941 Skill: 13.9% self or ally
17,770 17,434 2,340 M 3,099 2,970 Skill: Self 21.8%
Paeng G
17,728 22,976 2,090 P 2,870 2,743 Trait: Low HP Ally 20%
18,358 23,185 2,026 P 3,056 2,840 Traits: AoE 5%/Self 2% x 8
17,697 18,352 2,321 P 2,984 2,898

M = Magic. P = Physical.

Keep in mind an awakening skill can be a self heal if you desire.


Dean is a great tank and has pretty good damage output too. Maybe the best damage output for the defensive tanks. He’ll need to be paired with a solid healer.

Jango has the highest natural HP, and high defense, and can self heal with traits. But he’s a low damage dealer. Jago hero pieces are harder to come by. I can’t find any good place to farm them.

Mubu has this skill where he throws a carrot at someone to heal them. It’s kind of cool for helping keep the squad alive. You could pair him up with a weaker healer like Scarlett and perhaps that’s enough heealing. Mubu also does magic attack which might be good for some squads too.

Here’s the thing, it all comes down to what squad you’re running. If your main tank is dying you can either get a tank with more HP like Jango, get equipment with more HP/def, or you can add Yeonhwa to buff your defense or get a better healer. In my experience even though Dean has the lowest HP he almost never dies on me. And that’s because I have LeeJiyeon and Yeonhwa backing him up. I’ve gone back and forth on tanks so many times but I like Dean as he’s got high damage output, his pieces are easy to find, and with support he doesn’t die easily. I ran Jango for a while but with his low damage output he wasn’t fitting with my squad. So it comes down to whatever squad you build and whether your tank fits with that.

Looking at the squads of the top PVP players you see that Richard is the most popular tank.

YeryungSuhwa vs Aaren vs Yeonhwa

A lot of players are seen running with one of these support heroes. These do very little damage but are there to enhance the other heroes on your team or debuff the the enemy. They make your team more effective in almost every way.

But these three heroes are similar in a lot of ways. Here I compare them side by side to see exactly how they differ.

Yeryung S
Skill 1 AoE dmg + debuff (-mov spd + -atk spd)
+ ally invincibility
AoE buff (heal 4.95% x 5 + def) AoE dmg + buff to allies (def + barrier)
Skill 2 Targetted dmg + stun AoE barrier to allies/dmg to enemy Ally buff (def + b. atk dmg + 21.8% heal)
Skill 3 AoE buff (crit% + atk) AoE buff (atk + atk spd) AoE DoT + debuf (-mov spd + stun)
Passive 1 Allies buff (atk + def) Allies buff (phys atk) Allies buff (phys def)
Passive 2 Allies buff (crit% + crit amt) Allies buff (mag atk) Allies buff (mag def)
Passive 3 Allies buff (accuracy) Allies buff (accuracy) Allies buff (+total hp)
Trait 1 Barrier to dmgd ally 10% heal to dmgd ally Stun enemy
Trait 2 10% heal to atkd ally Barrier to atkd ally Stun enemy + def debuf
Weapon Buff dmgd ally (atk spd + crit%) Buff dmgd ally (atk %) 30% bonus to self skill 1 dmg+ 15% AoE heal
W1 Passive Allies buff (phys atk) Allies buff (mag atk) Allies buff (atk)

Hard to say who is best here. Yeonhwa seems built more for defense with her +def and stuns, while Yeryung and Aaren help improve the damage output of the team with their +atk and +crit buffs.

If you’ve got some high DPS assassins in your party, they may be squishy because of that, and Yeonhwa can help keep them alive with her buffs. So if your team is dying a lot she’s a good choice.

Aaren and Yeonhwa have 2 heals. These are considered weak healers as their heals are mostly single targetted and small compared to Lee or Dice who do big AoE heals.

I’ve noticed that Yeonhwa is used more in top PVP players with Aaren being a close second. You can see this analysis here.

I’ve tried all 3 and personally prefer Yeonhwa. Because I like running with high DPS asssasins and Yeonhwa helps keep them alive. For some reason they always get a random hit or two and she’s there to keep them up. While if I run with Yeryung or Aaren the assasins die more often. So my theory is if Yeonhwa can help keep the whole squad alive for the whole fight, that’s worth more to me than someone like Yeryung helping me having higher damage output but a hero dies half way through.