El Chronicle
Squad Builder

A big part of playing El Chronicle is squad building. Trying new heroes and seeing how they fair in the group. This tool can help you conceptualize a squad.


(P) = does physical damage. (M) = does magic damage.

When building a squad, click evaluate too see how they fair in each category. A well formed team should be at least 50% in tank, dps, heals. From there you can decide if you want to help support the team more with a buffer/debuffer or go heavy on DPS.

Note: this evaluation is not an accurate evaluation of your team. It’s just to help conceptualize where your teams strengths and weaknesses are and to give you a very rough idea how your team is doing.

Check out some sample squad builds here.

Click a hero below to add it to your squad.

Defensive Tanks:
Dean Richard

Offensive Tanks: