El Chronicle


There are two types of PVP matches in El Chronicle. Coliseum and Infinite Fortress.


Picking Squads

First pick your squad. C...

El Chronicle

Hero JaegalMageon

What is Jaegalmageon? A support hero? Yes. A tank? Yes. A DPS? Yes. When built right, he can do it all.

The thing about Mage...

El Chronicle

Squad Builder

A big part of playing El Chronicle is squad building. Trying new heroes and seeing how they fair in the group. This tool can help you conceptualize a squad.

El Chronicle

Squad Builds

If you go to Compete > Colosseum then click rank then choose master then click the little (i) on each rank you can see what people’s squads consist of. Now this is just their PVP squad, but I...

El Chronicle

Hero Comparisons

I don’t know about you but I sometimes like seeing things side by side to see how they compare before making a decision on who to use. Here’s some notes I took when comparing heroes.