El Chronicle
Rune Guide

Runes are extra pieces of equipment a hero can wear which gives extra stats and abilities.

There are two kinds of runes, magic (regular) and ancient. The ancient runes are only usable for a specific hero. For instance there’s a “Ancient Rune for Dean”. A hero can only wear one ancient rune.

Ancient runes gives base stats and an extra ability to the hero while a regular magic rune only gives base stats.

Magic runes can be worn by anyone.

El Chronicle Runes

Each rune has a cost. Heroes have a max cost allowed for runes. The starting cost is 24. So if there are two runes that cost 12 each, then that hero can wear 2 of those. You may upgrade the cost to allow your hero to wear more runes or higher cost runes.

TypeCan wear
Mermaid AncientLeeJiyeon, Dice, Aaren, YeryungSuhwa, Yeonhwa
Eagle AncientGrace, Kael, AhkChungwang, BaekLicheon, Iri and All Assassins
Rock AncientMubu, Dean, Markon, Reinhart, Richard, Jango, Paeng Geumbo
Tiger AncientClaire, HwangBopae, Aqua, LeeJiyeon, Scarlett, Occasio, JaegalMageon

Keep in mind though that when a ancient rune is created it is assigned to a specific hero.

Runes can be upgraded using stones or other runes. As their level increases their stats go up.

The ancient runes will have additional attributes that will not increase with rune level.

There are 9 types of runes. Each rune may have 1 or 2 attributes. Potential attributes for runes are below.

FlameMagic ATKCrit Amount/Crit %Phys ATKExtra Skill DMG
WolfATK SpeedExtra Skill DMGAll ATKDef Penetration
ShieldPhys DefDef: B ATK DMG
BearAll DefHP
BreezeEvasionShorter Skill CooldownAccuracyMovement Speed
Mermaid AncientAll ATKAll Def
Eagle AncientAll ATKExtra Skill Dmg
Rock AncientPhys DefDef Crit DMGHPMagic Def
Tiger AncientAll ATKAddnl B. Atk DMG

“B. ATK” means basic attack. Which is a normal, non skill/spell attack.

Runes can be acquired from the summon shop (chance), or you can buy a specific rune type from the honor shop. Runes can also be acquired from rune chests (rewarded for achievements) or crafted.

To craft a rune you must aquire gold, essence (alchemy), ingredients from the raid shop, and some other ingredients from adventuring. Ancient runes require Ellium to be created which can be bought using crystals.